The global food system needs rebalancing and, at the front end, food manufacturers know they need to broaden the repertoire of ingredients they deploy if they are going to respect both consumer health and environmental sustainability.

The dominance of wheat, rice, soya and maize is at last being challenged by the recognition of the ancient wisdom in alternative grains. Legumology Limited offers whole, kibbled and ground versions of pulses (chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas), millets (pearl millet, sorghum,  teff) and other special crops (quinoa, amaranth) for food.

Rest assured that our facility is gluten free and we only handle non-gluten containing materials. We can help you explore the choices of application and attribute you may desire.

If you know the ingredient you need, just ask. If you only know the end application and attributes you desire, we can help you explore the choices.

As a family, we have been working with pulses and millets for a century now: cultivating them in India, cleaning and exporting them from Africa and, for the last fifty years, milling them here in Wellingborough, England. At the same time, we have a track record of delivering the technical assurances, from the field through the value chain, that are expected by today’s top food manufacturers.
We look forward to working with you.
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